Coastal Boat Sales is about more than just buying and selling boats. It’s about ensuring the process is smooth and effortless.
We can help with the following:

  • Inspections

    It’s always good to have peace of mind when making a purchase. We can provide you with multiple respected contacts that can assist in inspecting every aspect of the boat: Surveys, mechanicals, structural or trailer RWC.

  • Trades

    Sometimes your relationship with your boat, sails its course and it’s time to move on to something that is better suited. Let us help you offload your boat so you can get a fresh start.

  • Financing

    Finance companies don’t (or seldomly) finance private sales. But they do like when the sale is being handle by a dealer/broker. It gives them peace of mind. Yes, you can get a line of credit at an inflated interest rate but why would you when you can finance through a broker or dealer for 5% less. Even for the most complex circumstances we often have a solution and can assist with your needs and have access to the industry’s lowest interest rates.

  • Insurance

    Coastal Boat Sales has access to various industry leaders in marine insurance.

  • Education on the water

    We don’t just sell you a boat, shake your hand and send you down the river. We give you a full orientation. Boat functions, maintenance (and even warranty) are all things we educate you on (on and off the water) during the handover process.
    We also offer water sports lessons on set up or at another arranged time if water sports are your thing.
    Boater safety and operations is of upmost importance and we understand that and can also help organise courses for you.

  • Warranty

    Coastal Boat Sales has access to a range of warranties available through the dominant force in the industry, National Warranty. A range of warranties can be provided if the manufactures warranty has expired. With claim response times in as little as 4 hours, rest assured your claim will be dealt with efficiently.

  • Shipping (if needed)

    It’s not uncommon to see that perfect boat at a bargain price out in the middle of nowhere. Like any industry the more people you know the more you save. Use our contact and save $$$.

  • Upgrade/ Repairs

    In the second hand boat market it’s rare for a boat to be flawless or to have all the options required. Often minor flaws can be used to negotiate a better deal. Don’t let some small details get in the way of a good buy. Let us help you get the upgrades you want with our industry contacts.

  • Accessories/ Equipment

    Coastal Boat Sales can assist you with finding out exactly what you need to get started. Whether you are going all out and wanting to purchase the lot or starting with the basics we can recommend accessories and equipment and brands that are the right fit for your needs.

  • Road Worthy Certificates

    Coastal boat sales can organise and obtain road worthy certificates with our industry contacts.

  • Registration

    Coastal Boat Sales is registered with Qld Transport and has authority to register boats on behalf of its clients.

  • PPSR Checks

    Coastal boats will arrange a PPSR search for your perspective boat to make sure that there are no outstanding debts or finance, ensuring that you take the watercraft free of any existing security interests.

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